Welcome to the Triple Nickel Amateur Radio Society. This group was formed out of a group of operators that met on the air and started working a VHF/UHF simplex contest. The first year we had a blast and all of us went out and started improving our stations in preparations for next year. The suggestion to start a weekly net was brought up after that first Winterheat competition and the Triple Nickel Simplex Net was formed. 146.555 MHz was chosen to use and our name was born out of that. The net has been running for over a year now and we have gained quite a crowd and have helped foster new and existing operators realize that there is life beyond the repeaters.

We felt now was the time to form a formal club around this and see what we can accomplish with it in the name of promoting amateur radio, community and friendship. Thus the Triple Nickel Amateur Radio Society was formed. This is where we are today. We are kicking this thing off the ground and would like for everyone to be a part of it. We are a group of operators that love the radio, love the tech, love the cool geek factor of making RF work. Our interest go beyond just VHF/UHF, there are those of us who are vested in HF, portable, repeaters, digital modes and who knows what else. This hobby has a lot to offer anyone willing to jump in. We like to think we are all Elmers to everyone…we are here to have fun, help each other learn and play radio.